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the disaster zone

I have nobody to blame but myself. Some time in the last two or three years I have become The Neighbour From Hell, the Steptoe of the Street, the Chief Procrastinator of Hoarderville. Of course there are reasons, there always are. Too much work, too noisy a brain… The usual. It was always somewhat unkempt around the edges but a perfectly functional garden nonetheless.
If I’m honest I never actually ate any of those vegetables, this was more gardening for experimental purposes. Yes I know that is a terrible waste. See picture number one for evidence as to the type of person I currently am. I’m fairly sure I look a bit like it in person as well. My garden and I have a complicated relationship. I know what I want it to do, in theory, and in reality I do nothing. I have enough land to produce food for myself and enough time (again, in theory less than reality) to turn my garden into something functional and pretty. Which is what I want. I think. My brain sometimes can’t hear itself over the noise it’s making. At this point, it’s not so much gardening as self flagellation. Which is good. Hopefully the effort of clearing up the mess I’ve made will discourage me from ever producing it again. My first step is obtaining a garden incinerator bin. It would take me weeks of filling the brown bin to get rid of it all and it’s already mid March. Although we did have snow last week. I tell a lie, my real first step was going outside and attempting to clear the remains of the garden netting from the top of Mighty (the big hugelkultur bed) but getting distracted 7 times in the process. My next step was then attempting to prune the tree in the very corner back to the point where it wasn’t shoving itself into my mouth at any given moment. Followed by much discouragement and realising I needed to go and make lunch. I have subsequently returned to my ‘outdoor room’ and made a good start at hacking away some of the undergrowth all the while not daring to hope that my shift at work tonight would be cancelled so that I could continue to suffer enjoy the fresh air. Amongst the leaves, stubborn grass and muck I found a plastic bag, crisp packet, two lighters still in the packet and yet another baby wipe which is mysterious as my neighbours don’t have children. I also tormented myself by foolishly trying to pull up the evil fencing plant of doom that has insinuated itself in the lawn. For some reason it doesn’t seem to occur to my brain that the plant that has glove defying spikes in it will continue to have glove defying spikes in it each and every time. Shift at work duly cancelled, I am now off to obtain numerous stares on the bus by lugging home an incinerator bin. I pretend that it is the practical option when really the truth of the matter is that I enjoy a good act of wanton destruction, hence the tree pruning entree.


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I finally googled what wattles are. And this led me to a video where a clay hut was being made. Not going to lie I fell a little bit in lust with the competence of the dude. And also learned how to climb a tree without handholds. Winning. Today has been a bit of a boom and bust day garden wise. I made this lovely pile of wood... The temptation to throw a bunch of compost over this wood pile and make a giant hugelkultur was almost unbearable. However, I don’t think the neighbours would like it and harvesting would be a problem seeing as the pile is taller than me. But I can just picture it… The point of the wood pile was to clear room for the compost heap. I took an irrational dislike to an ivy plant that had become a tree so wrestling with that took me up to the time I had to leave. On the bright side, I realised that the land at the side is actually wider than I thought. I will have plenty of space for the pallet heap plan. I also found a random fence post buried in the trees

Back in Black

In the spirit of Actually Getting Things Done I have blitzed through two whole tasks in the garden by failing to do them properly first time around. Or compromising if you're one of those relentlessly optimistic characters. I’ve decided to go on holiday at some point and can’t face coming back to the land of giant tree pile and rubbish. So I’m making it look tidier by moving things from place to another basically. And hopefully reducing giant tree pile to ashes. Literally. I may have been assisted in my fervour by a plate of carbs in the form of crab mac and cheese* and plan to continue this method until my garden looks like a garden again and not a refuge for hoarders. Other victims of my faux enthusiasm aside from my pancreas were my good sweatpants (so called because they were soft) and my black hoodie. I may have also worried about blood poisoning from rusty wires (thankfully my tetanus is up to date), spiders crawling on me and the noise my tarp wall was making annoying t